Global Clinical Research & Clinical Trials

Who We Are?

Established in 2022, Sclinbio is a USA-based Clinical Data Management company that actively provides a customer-friendly business model with a full range of services including Clinical Operations, Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, and Programming. We closely work with our clients to assess their needs and customize a business model tailored specifically to meet those requirements. With our dedicated and experienced clinical and biostatistics data management teams, we ensure timely and budget-friendly completion of our clients projects. We monitor data quality and real-time performance, providing meaningful feedback to the project team.

Global Clinical Research & Clinical Trials​

Full range clinical data management company in USA

Trusted Clinical Data management company in USA

Practices : Global Clinical Research & Clinical Trials​

SclinBio currently small in size, is an organization with a strong belief that people are its main differentiating factors. We have implemented innovative HR practices that allow a very high level of empowerment of its employees. The culture of SclinBio plays a key role in its success and is defined by its leaders, employees and market environment. SclinBio realizes that in the knowledge-intensive clinical domain, it is important to develop competence, commitment, contribution and character and therefore has aligned all its human resource practices with the achievement of these values.

Work Environment

We work closely with our customers to evaluate their needs and customize a tailored business model to meet their needs. Our experienced clinical data management and biostatistics teams are committed to maintaining our clients’ projects on time and in budget by monitoring data quality and studying real-time performance and providing significant feedback to the project team. SclinBio’s clinical data management team will provide a personalized, inexpensive and flexible approach to meet all data management needs. The use of technology is the key to SclinBio success. We work closely with our Sponsors to understand there unique needs, challenges, goals and provide strategic guidance and support every stage of the clinical research process.

Global Clinical Research & Clinical Trials

Best Place for Clinical Data Management in USA

Our Strength

SclinBio is committed to building a global delivery model that ensures customers scalable delivery and reduced risk. This model has been built on a complete series of processes with quality as a key objective to ensure predictable delivery worldwide. This is complemented by innovative employee-oriented practices, which allow employees to work with a high level of motivation and industry experts.

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