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SclinBio INC ( A division of Sclin Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd –Sclintech ) is a USA based clinical data management company-we are trusted global CRO, was established in 2022, which provides a full range of Clinical Operations, Clinical Data Management, Bio- statistics, and Medical Writing on customer friendly business model. SclinBio closely works with the clients to access their needs and customize a business model tailor for satisfying their needs. The projects of our clients on time and within the budget by monitoring the quality and study of the data real-time performance and providing meaningful feedback to the project team.


Explore Our Main Services

Our adaptable and customised solutions can be modified to fit the scope and size of each specific project and cover the entire lifecycle of product development.

Clinical Trail Management

SclinBio has a focused team of Professionals who understand how to prepare, manage and do clinical trials.

Clinical Data Management

Clinical data management is a major phase in Clinical Research which results in collection of reliable data.


Our biostatistics team designs research studies in collaboration with physicians, life scientists, or other professionals.

Medical Writing

SclinBio team is well equipped with professionals having strong academic backgrounds and scientific experience.


SclinBio pharmacovigilance department offers end-to-end services from case intake to safety risk management.


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